Ireland decides a rotating host system with three venues for WRC calendar slot

Motorsport Ireland announced today that three cities can host the Service Park area of a potential WRC round which will rotate if FIA and WRC Promoter reach an agreement with the Irish government.

Ireland included to WRC calendar four times and 2009 was the last visit of World Rally Championship there with Sebastien Loeb winning this event with the Citroen C4. The national organization, Motorsport Ireland, could not decide which city will be the rally center if the country rejoins WRC from 2025 onwards, thus Limerick, Kerry and Waterford will host the Service Park area with a rotation system. In addition to that, the future of a potential Irish WRC round remains unknown, as the organizers have to secure a Goverment funding, but it is hinted that they want to return to the sport with a three-year deal with FIA and WRC Promoter. Finally, the authorities of Waterford, Kerry and Limerick must come in communication between them to decide the year when one of the above cities will be the rally centre, otherwise it will be chosen randomly.

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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