Lancia may return to WRC in 2025 after 33 years

According to an Italian media, Lancia may rejoin World Rally Championship next year with a Rally2 car.

Lancia started its WRC debut in 1971 and exited the sport in 1992. The Italian car brand has won ten manufacturer titles in World Rally Championship and had some very iconic cars running through the stages, such as Stratos HF, Delta Integrale HF, 037 etc. As Rally1 cars are set to stop at the end of 2026 and Rally2 cars will take their place from 2027, Lancia is considering the possibility of returning to WRC next year. Ypsilon is the potential model with which the car brand from Turin will compete in WRC2 class in 2025 while the aim of Lancia is to have two full seasons in WRC to develop and to create a more competitive car until the start of 2027. Last but not least, Stellantis Group's vision is to bring legendary Lancia back to the motorsport by involving in WRC again.


Photo Credits: Lancia

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