Millener: Fourmaux is a different driver now compared to 2022

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, admits that Adrien Fourmaux is a very different driver now in comparison with the 2022 season and that it was Malcolm Wilson's decision to promote the Frenchman at the top level this year.

Fourmaux signed a contract with M-Sport Ford for 2022 and had the chance to drive the Puma Rally1, but he lost his seat at the end of Rally Spain as his season was not perfect. In fact, he had to skip Acropolis Rally of 2022 as he crashed in Belgium resulting in damaging heavily the chassis. In 2023, he stepped back and competed in WRC2 class where he took his first win at Central European Rally, but he did not take a prize due to the fact that he participated as a non-nominated driver there. In addition to that, he became the first Frenchman who won the British championship. The blue oval decided to give him a chance to return back to the top class and drove the Puma in Japan two months ago, but he had to retire as he went off the road. After Ott Tanak's and Pierre-Louis Loubet's departures from the squad, Fourmaux became the leading driver for M-Sport Ford and has Gregoire Munster as his teammate this season.

"2022 was a tough year for Adrien", Millener said. 

"There were a few mistakes. 

"It was a difficult season for the team itself and Malcolm chose to put Adrien back to Rally2 and it has worked in the past and I would argue that it worked again last year.

"We saw Adrien develop as a driver and he is a lot stronger mentally and he has better driving consistency, and he is really good at controlling his drives and working out where to push and when to hold back.

"But after Rally Japan unfortunately he has only had two days testing before Monte Carlo, which is hardly anything, so we have to let him get back up to speed.

"He is definitely a different driver and winning the British championship was special as well and having a title under your belt is good way to have a mentally positive attitude and hopefully that can progress into some good results".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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