Rally USA set to be contained at WRC calendar of 2026

The WRC Promoter event director, Simon Larkin, says that United States may rejoin World Rally Championship in 2026 as still there is lack of funding and time to test.

United States has hosted a WRC round five times in the past and 1988 was the last time that World Rally Championship visited US. In fact, this rally included gravel stages and had been organized in two different cities (Detroit from 1973 to 1974 and Tacoma from 1986 to 1988). There were many discussions throughout last year if WRC would go to US again, but so far nothing has been confirmed. However, a demonstration event was held last September and Michele Mouton was there to attend it. Another rally has been scheduled on June 14-16, which will have the same characteristics as a WRC round, while it is speculated that a candidate event will take place next year with the aim of US returning to the series from 2026.

"The USA will not be ready for 2025, 100%", Larkin said.

"When we go to the US, we want to do more than just go there and do a rally. 

"We want to have an event that's going to have an impact, because it's a market that is important, but we don't just want to go there and make up the numbers.

"We want to make sure it's an event that has sufficient funding but also sufficient time to test. 

"We already have great support from both the state and regional government in our potential home there. 

"It's just a few funding pieces that need to go into place there".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Motorsport images

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