FIA makes progress with the new WRC regulations

FIA and WRC Commission are on the right track to introduce the new regulations for 2025 and 2027 considering the worries of the manufacturers, but their target is to strengthen the top class of the championship.

World Rally Championship entered to the hybrid era in 2022, but FIA decided to drop the plug-in systems at the end of this season despite the fact that their deal with Compact Dynamics expires in 2026. In addition to that change, the Rally1 cars will have less aerodynamics and FIA proposed some cost cap measures as these cars are really expensive and their cost is almost at 600.000 euros. A reduction to the engines has been suggested which means that each driver can change only two engines during a WRC season instead of three. Moreover, the target of the new regulations is to attract more manufacturers in the championship, but it is yet to be confirmed if the teams will bring Rally1-minus or Rally2-plus cars from 2025. More details will be revealed at the next World Motor Council in June, but all the teams ask from FIA to make an announcement as soon as possible to have the time to build and to test their new cars ahead of the new season.

"The WRC Commission discussed a number of key topics in relation to the future pathway for the sport and the direction set by the WRC Working Group that was approved by the World Motor Sport Council on 28 February", a FIA's spokeperson said.

"Positive steps have been taken and further work is ongoing at apace on the Sporting and Promotional aspects, with further meetings due to take place in the coming weeks, and there is broad agreement regarding the technical direction of the championship from 2027 onwards.

"We are engaged in specific discussions with the stakeholders regarding the shorter term technical developments for 2025 and 2026, around which concerns have been raised by the manufacturer teams that are currently under consideration. 

"The only target remains the safeguarding and strengthening of the world’s premier rally category, and we are confident that we will find collaborative solutions to the issues that have been raised".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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