M-Sport Ford to bring an aero upgrade in Croatia

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, reveals that his team will bring an aero upgrade to the Puma at Croatia Rally, but it will not affect the performance so much.

Adrien Fourmaux and Gregoire Munster have already completed their tarmac test for Croatia Rally and everyone could notice from the videos that the Puma was running with a new rear wing. This aero upgrade will not help to the car performance, but it will be useful for the drivers to make some changes to the set-up in order to find more stability and grip with the Puma throughout the Croatian stages. The British squad has taken courage from Fourmaux's podiums in two consecutive events to continue pushing and becoming more competitive for the rest of 2024 while it must be mentioned that Millener had said before the start of this season that his team had a development plan of Puma which begins to become real.

"Our plan is to introduce it in Croatia", Millener said. 

"Everything has gone okay with that, to be honest, and that was always the kind of date we were trying to aim for.

"The rear wing is not suddenly going to make us 10 seconds a kilometre faster. 

"There are only small things you can do, and it is small tweaks that we are looking for at the moment.

"This should help us in the higher speed stuff and combined with a couple of other set-up changes, it can make a difference to the car. 

"It is constant development, we are a little bit later than the other teams on the rear wing, but we are trying to stay as close as we can to the opposition".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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