Hyundai asks from FIA to hurry up the new WRC regulations

The team principal of Hyundai Motorsport, Cyril Abiteboul, says that FIA must announce the new WRC regulations immediately in order to his team to build a competitive car and to start testing it before the start of 2025.

FIA decided to change the current regulations for 2025 after the World Motor Council which was held on February 28. More specifically, the Federation confirmed that the Rally1 cars will be running without the hybrid units from 2025 which means that the cars will be lighter in terms of the weight. In addition to that, there will be a reduction in the air restrictor and aerodynamics while a safety cell will be common to the WRC teams in order to develop cars with their own bodywork based on production models including B-class, C-Class, compact SUV or a Concept Car designed to tight technical criteria such as centre of gravity and aerodynamics in order to equalize performance. Last but not least, the total output of the cars will be reduced from 492 hp to 330 hp with the engine performance controlled by a reference torque curve for all cars.

"We are here but we are here to be able to win and that is as much as I can say", Abiteboul said.

"I want to get to the bottom of these regulations, and the one thing I must say, what we need is confirmation of regulations. 

"We are now in the time of uncertainty, and uncertainty is not good for anyone.

"One of the things we are trying to do is to build a plan in advance, which Hyundai was not very good at in the past, so for once we have a new team and technical leadership and was pushing hard to have a very well-structured technical project, and that has been brought down by a regulator’s decision.

"It is vital that we have very quick rules ratified by the World Motor Sport Council so that we can simply work towards these regulations. 

"For me, the timing of June is simply not possible for us to be able to do a good job for next year.

"I’m sure, if the FIA needs a quicker decision, I’m very confident they can find ways. 

"They must appreciate that a ratification of rules in June for a car that needs to be designed, tested and validated for January, it is not a lot of time to design, build, test and validate.

"We are talking about substantial changes to the car and the power and weight distribution and aerodynamic behaviour, and the change to the wing is not a small change. 

"I don’t want to put a figure on it, but it is a huge change. 

"I know we are not in Formula 1, but aero in rally still matters and we are talking about balance shifts, and we need to do a good job around it. 

"There are guidelines but now we need rules and as quickly as possible".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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