Hyundai to bring Irish colors back to the i20Ns only for Croatia

Hyundai Motorsport announced today that the i20N Rally1 will be running with the Irish colors only for Croatia Rally in memory of Craig Breen.

Craig Breen lost his life on 13 April 2023 during his pre-event test for Croatia Rally. Hyundai Motorsport published a press release last year where the team explained that Breen's car did not have any problem and he was driving at low speed while his accident was caused by the wet conditions. In fact, he died in spot as a wooden pile passed though his window and hit him in the head. All the teams, the crews and the whole rallying community were very shocked by this news as he was a very beaming and very likeable person. For this reason, the i20N is still running with his name on the rear, but the Alzenau-based team will bring the Irish flag on the roof and on the bumper in all of its three cars at next week's Croatia Rally.

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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