Ireland still has the chance to make its WRC return from 2026 as WRC Promoter reveals

The WRC event director, Simon Larkin, says that WRC Promoter and FIA will continue working with Motorsport Ireland despite the fact that Ireland is out of contention for the next year's WRC calendar, but he reveals that Rally Ireland may find its slot to the championship from 2026.

Ireland was among the countries that were fighting to secure its slot to the WRC calendar of 2025, but eventually Motorsport Ireland announced that they lost their chance to return back to the World Rally Championship due to the fact that they did not receive any answer from the Irish government about the funding. As a result of that, Motorsport Ireland was not able to apply for hosting a WRC round in 2025, but the organizers are working on this project now for 2026. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that they suggested a rotation system of three cities (Limerick, Kerry and Waterford), but WRC Promoter was optimistic of this proposal despite the complexity of hosting a WRC event in three different cities each year.

"We are disappointed with this news, particularly following the hard work of Motorsport Ireland led by President Aiden Harper", Larkin said.

"We will continue to work with Motorsport Ireland and Minster Byrne to consider what options could be available for 2026 and beyond for this event to join the WRC calendar.

"We still believe strongly that Ireland would be a great addition to the WRC, and that the WRC would be a great addition for Ireland, but we have strong demand for slots and we must move on with our own planning".


Photo Credits: Citroen Racing

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