Stellantis Motorsport not interested in joining WRC in 2025

The customer racing manager of Stellantis Motorsport, Didier Clement, says that Stellantis Group has no interest in returing back to the top class of World Rally Championship the next two years, but 2027 will be an option for them to discuss with FIA and the other manufacturers.

Citroen Racing is the representative car brand from Stellantis Group at the support category of World Rally Championship and chose Yohan Rossel, Nikolay Gryazin and Marco Bulacia as its drivers for this season. Apart from that, Lancia's CEO revealed two months ago that there is a possibility for the Italian car brand to rejoin WRC in 2027 after 33 years absence from the series, but initially they will compete in WRC2 class from 2025 to 2026 in order to create a more competitive Ypsilon before switching to the top tier. The next two years are a transition period for World Rally Championship as FIA decided to remove the plug-in systems and to reduce the air restrictor and the aerodynamics from the current Rally1 cars, but it is yet to be confirmed which will be the exact plan of the Federation for the upcoming years. The next World Motor Council will be held in June and more details will be clarified on the WRC future, but Hyundai, Toyota and M-Sport Ford are already pushing FIA to make an announcement soon as all the teams want to work on the new regulations and on their new cars before the new season starts in seven months.

We don’t know", Clement said when he was asked if the proposals regarding Rally1’s future direction interests Stellantis.

"We take part in the discussion with the FIA regarding the regulations.

"We have no interest at all for the 2025 and 2026 regulation in regards to the current Rally1, but for 2027 we will work with all the manufacturers and the FIA. 

"How did we see the future right now? 

"You never know.

"The FIA have done a good job. 

"The technical department do a really good job. 

"In terms of promotion, we have to increase it a bit like everyone said but everybody is in the same line and want the same thing. 

"We want to keep the WRC at a good level.

"Firstly, it is a dream for everybody because Lancia has history and memories but right now before we think about a Lancia return you have to discuss the regulations. 

"We base our strategy on regulations, and it is not fixed right now so it is definitely too soon.

"We do not think that WRC2 Plus should be helpful for WRC Rally1.

"As soon as you consider that WRC2 Plus will be slower than the Rally1 and when you consider that WRC2 Plus will have no chance to win any rallies overall, it doesn’t help".


Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool

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