The Route of Acropolis Rally Greece 2024

The organizers of Acropolis Rally Greece announced the route of their event which will be held on September 5-8.

More specifically, the recce will last three days, starting from Monday 2 September and ending on Wednesday 4 September. On Thursday 5 September, the Shakedown stage will take place near Lamia with 3,62 Km where the drivers will make the final adjustments to the set-ups of their cars. The organizers decided not to include a superspecial stage on their route as it happened the past three years, thus the fans will have the chance to watch only the ceremonial start in Lamia in that day.

The real rally action will begin on Friday with six stages and 133,96 competitive kilometers. The opening stage of the morning and the afternoon is "Ano Pavliani" with 22,47 Km while a part of it was running back in 1991. "Dafni" returns back to the itinerary as the second stage of both loops after two years, but this time it is longer compared to 2022. "Tarzan" will conclude both loops and is the longest stage of the day with 23,37 Km while it must be mentioned that the organizers have kept this stage on the itinerary since Acropolis Rally rejoined WRC in 2021.

Saturday includes six stages and 115,62 Km in distance. The opening stage of the second day is the longest one of the rally with 28,67 Km and will be a challenge for the crews as a small part of it was running at the itinerary of Acropolis Rally back in 2017. The second stage of the morning is "Thiva" which is shorter than the version of 2021 by almost three kilometers. "Aghii Theodori" returns back to the itinerary since 2021 and is the concluding stage of the morning, but this time the specific stage will be held on Saturday instead of Friday. "Loutraki" remains at the calendar, but it will take place on Saturday instead of Friday this year, while it has been shortened by 2,1 Km. The second pass from "Aghii Theodori" will be the penultimate stage of the day before the crews will pass troughtout a superspecial stage of 1,76 Km.

The final day of Acropolis Rally contains only three stages and 53,65 kilometers. Sunday begins with the single pass from "Inohori" which makes its return to the programme since 2002. The first pass from "Eleftherohori" will be crucial for drivers and co-drivers as they can make some final changes to their pacenotes as the second pass will host the Powerstage. In addition to that, it must be mentioned that "Eleftherohori" was traditionally held on Saturday and it is longer by four meters in comparison with last year. After the end of PS, the winning crews will head back to the Service Park for the podium ceremony and the prize giving.

In total, this year's Acropolis Rally Greece includes fifteen stages and 303,23 competitive kilometers.

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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