WRC Promoter's ambitions are to retain the current manufacturers and to add one more in the sport from 2027

The Senior Sport Director of WRC Promoter, Peter Thul, is confident that the current manufacturers will remain at the championship from 2027 onwards while their ambition is to have four car brands in the sport when the new regulations will be running in World Rally Championship.

According to Motorsport.com's sources, Hyundai Motorsport has already built a LMDh prototype car for a programme at GTP class of IMSA SportsCar Championship while it is hinted that the Korean car brand is set to race at Hypercar class of World Endurance Championship and at LeMans 24h from the beginning of 2026. In addition to these, an important announce is set to be done by Cyril Abiteboul's team on September which will be related to Hyundai's future in WRC. Toyota and M-Sport Ford are set to continue in World Rally Championship, but it must be mentioned that it was rumored that Subaru may return back to WRC despite the fact that it is the sister brand of Toyota. FIA wants to clarify the new sporting regulations for 2027 within a year in order to give the chance to the current teams to start preparing their cars or to a new manufacturer to examine the new regulations. Last but not least, Lancia is set to debut the new Ypsilon at the rallying with a Rally4 car from next year while Alpine is interested in joining WRC if the cars become full electric.

"I cannot say I have no doubt all of our current brands will stay because it's not our decision, but I'm confident that we will create such a good championship that it's worth to be there", Thul said.

"And on top of that, I also hope if we have good 2027 regulations done by the end of the year to get at least one more manufacturer going into 2027. 

"This is our target.

"This is our wish, because we have to move the championship forward. 

"And again, I cannot comment on internal thoughts of manufacturers. 

"But as I said, it has to be so attractive that they want to stay in. 

"This is what we can do, and we have to do.

"We will do everything to keep these three on board and we have had good discussions with them. 

"We are open to any suggestions. 

"I think we have never had so much good discussions, whether it's regulations or sporting regulations".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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