Sordo angry with the lack of car cooling system

Dani Sordo is being frustrated with the fact that current Rally1 cars lack cooling systems and tries to support his opinion with well-founded argument giving a daily example.

At Rally de Portugal, many WRC drivers complained about high temperatures which existed on their cockpit and this heat had an impact to the drivers' concentration as some of them felt dizzy.

FIA and WRC Commission had a meeting last week with the intention of solving this problem for the upcoming events as Sardinia, Greece and Kenya will be the three warmest rallies in WRC calendar.

However, WRC teams did not bring any cooling package to the cars for this weekend's Rally Italia Sardegna, but only the roof has changed which is different than the previous one.

Last but not least, it must be mentioned that the cockpit high temperatures are caused by the exhaust system which is located in co-driver's side.

"They put a yellow roof", Sordo said.

"I don’t know if it’s doing something because the heat didn’t come from the roof in Portugal, it came from the exhaust. 

"It was near to the codriver’s seat. 

"But this they can move. 

"They need to put some system for the cooling inside of the car.

"This is rally. 

"This is like the people want rally to be. 

"It’s like this. 

"It will be hot here. 

"After they will go to Kenya, it will be hot, it will be next year the same thing, nobody takes anything, nobody does anything. 

"They think that if we are rally drivers, we need to be like in the past and all of these things and it’s rally, you need to suffer. 

"But I don’t understand.

"In Dakar they have air-conditioning and in circuit racing they have it too. 

"Why they don’t have the same rule. 

"Only in rallies, no?

"Imagine you go to the beach. 

"You park your car in the sand. 

"And you come after a few hours and you go in your car. 

"It’s hot, no? 

"Imagine, what car doesn’t have air conditioning now? 

"Tell me. No one in the market, no?

"The people want to compare the old days with this. 

"For me, it’s stupid.

"We have an amazing rollcage, bucket seats, belts, HANS, helmets, all of this for safety. 

"But after, if one guy, he lost his mind because it’s too hot and they will have a crash and kill 20 spectators because the driver passes out, what happens?"


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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