Hyundai to start planning its parts supply for the next 18 months

The deputy team principal of Hyundai Motorsport, Julien Moncet, says that the team is planning to create a stock with raw materials at Alzenau factory considering the deliveries delay and the increasing high prices.

The Korean team is close to be out of stock in some important car parts after the disastrous Safari Rally where all of its drivers faced many technical problems with the i20N as well as they caused cosmetic damages on the bodywork of the car.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brexit and the war between Russia and Ukraine, there is an increasing costliness which forces Hyundai to fulfill its stock with many important spare parts for at least the next 18 months.

"We have damaged quite a lot of parts in Kenya and so on and to make sure we could increase our stock again was our main target in the last few days", Moncet said.

"I would say it is a nightmare. 

"The shortage of key materials is really difficult, it is not only impacting motorsport but all of the economy.

"Parts that we used to be able to get in a few days and weeks are taking a few months to arrive and even more in some cases.

"It is really tricky because some suppliers have had problems with COVID and then there is Brexit and the impact of the situation in Ukraine.

"All of the suppliers are lacking in raw materials. 

"The costs have also exploded really so it makes our life much more difficult as we have to review our complete chain supply process.

"For example, we are already working on parts for next year, which is six months in advance, because at the minute for some parts it is a six-month delivery time.

"It is completely crazy. 

"This has changed a lot in terms of our development capacity. 

"We have to make sure we have enough parts for production and for rallies. 

"I can tell you is not easy".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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