M-Sport Ford happy with the Rally2 upgrades

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, says that the team is being confident with the upgrades had brought to the Rally2 car in Estonia.

More specifically, the Ford Fiesta MKII Rally2 were running with an updated aerodynamic package at Rally Estonia which included a new rear wing and wing mirrors looking more like those used on Puma.

Furthermore, the British team introduced a new suspension package which helped more the handling and the stabilility of the car on these fast gravel roads.

However, the problems that Jari Huttunen faced in that event were not related to the upgrades that M-Sport Ford fitted to the Fiesta.

"The feedback on the changes we had from Jari Huttunen was all positive", Millener said.

"The issues we had on the Friday were unrelated to any of the changes we’ve made to the bits in the car.

"We’re happy with the speed Jari and the car were able to show when everything was running well. 

"On a fast rally like Estonia, when you drop sometimes it can be really difficult to pull it back.

"That’s what happened in Estonia, but we’re confident in those parts and we know the car’s going to have the speed it needs to fight".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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