Ogier eyes on competing with Toyota in WRC next year

Sebastien Ogier wants to do more outings with Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 in World Rally Championship in 2023 and to be present in Monte Carlo while he will continue his part-time programme with Toyota this year.

The French driver has participated in three events so far this season while it is tipped that he will do at least three more appearances until the end of 2022.

More specifically, there are great chances for him to take part in Greece, New Zealand and Japan at the season finale.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Ogier signed a part-time programme with the Japanese team for 2022 and shares the third car with Esapekka Lappi as he wanted to compete in WEC in which made only one appearance.

"Of course I want to come back", Ogier said.

"It's my home rally. 

"I've retired part-time, as it were, but I haven't stopped completely. 

"I'm still a Toyota driver and I'll drive a few more rallies this year.

"There is a good chance that I will try to drive Monte Carlo next year. 

"The competition is always like a party for me, because I get a lot of encouragement from the locals. 

"I will do my best to get to the starting line".

Source: rallit.fi

Photo Credits: Toyota

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