Neuville: Tanak misunderstood what I said

Thierry Neuville clarifies the purpose of his comments at the end of Stage 12 of Ypres Rally which were referring to Ott Tanak's problems while the last one does not have any problem with that his teammate said for him.

The Estonian driver said at the end of Stage 9 that he had transmission issues with his i20N from SS9 resulting in losing some seconds in the next stages until the Saturday midday service.

However, a journalist informed Neuville at the end of Stage 12 that his teammate was suffering from some issues and the Belgian did not believe that. Their between fight went on Saturday midday service at the media zone and at the end of SS15 when Neuville crashed and Tanak talked harshly about this retirement as it was not good for the team. 

"We had had a discussion with Ott", Neuville said. 

"I think he clearly misunderstood what I was saying.

"We got the comment at the end of the stage that Ott was having trouble and I saw his time; he was like three seconds slower, if I remember well.

"I just mentioned that if he was having trouble then I was on three cylinders. 

"So it’s a funny game.

"But I didn’t comment anything more about his problems, I didn’t know what was going on".

On the other side, Tanak gives a reason for Neuville's sayings: "It was what it was, you know. "Everybody as you know is under a lot of pressure and Thierry had the most, fighting in front of his home crowd, trying to bring the win home. 

"It is important and I have no problem with that".

You can read more about their disagreement on Saturday here


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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