Suninen taking pleasure in developing Hyundai i20N Rally2

Teemu Suninen says that he enjoyed developing the Hyundai i20N Rally2 and his target for this year was to improve many areas in this car.

The Finn driver joined Hyundai Motorsport N for season 2022 and spent many hours inside the new i20N Rally2 as he was one of the main Hyundai drivers who had to develop the Rally2 car of the team. His first win of the year came at Rally Spain in WRC2 class finishing ahead of Yohan Rossel while he missed the victory and disqualified from Rally Finland as his car was not to comply with the homologation form with regard to front bumper.

"I think we have developed the car a lot", Suninen said.

"For me, that was the target for the year and I would say we have succeeded in that area. 

"I have been really impressed. 

"Never before has there been a year when we have developed so many parts on a car. 

"As a driver, it’s always nice to go to tests with some new parts, knowing that we are doing a good job and improving the car.

"Of course we missed some of the best results but there have been some situations where we have maybe been a bit unlucky from all sides. 

"We can only focus on things which we can effect and I think we lost the championship in the first two rallies when we retired.

"I like working with this car because I enjoy the challenge it brings the driver to develop it. 

"And still, the level is quite high in WRC2 with a few ex-WRC drivers who could be in WRC but have maybe not had the chance this year.

"I really wish that I can call this my job for next year.

"It would be good to be in Rally1 but I’m also happy to continue in the Rally2 with Hyundai. 

"I believe we have now done the big job with the developing and it would be good to focus on making proper results".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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