Rovanpera could do nothing to avoid his crash in Stage 8

Kalle Rovanpera says that it was difficult for him to save the car after the corner in Stage 8 of Rally Finland despite the fact that he felt that the speed was fine.

The championship leader was leading his home event at the end of Stage 7, but he rolled his Yaris 11.1Km into the next one stage when he lost the rear after entering in a corner resulting in hitting something hard with the rear right. After this impact, his Yaris rolled and was stuck on its roof for some minutes, but afterwards the spectators managed to put it on its wheels. Thankfully, Rovanpera and Jonne Halttunen are both okay, but they were checked by a doctor as a precaution. Last but not least, their names were at the entry list for Section 5 and the stewards of Rally Finland gave to Toyota mechanics an additional time to prepare their car for Saturday, but eventually the rollcage damage was extensive, therefore they were forced to retire.

"The day was going well", Rovanpera said. 

"We had a good morning loop as the first car on the road, and it was a nice fight with Elfyn. 

"We could be a little bit quicker without over pushing. 

"The way we crashed was quite unfortunate and I feel like I couldn’t have done much more in this corner. 

"Under braking the speed felt fine, but as first car in the mud we had a big slide. 

"Even with full lock steering I couldn’t straighten the car, and in the ditch we hit something hard which sent us flying".

Photo Credits: Toyota

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