Acropolis organizers shortened the Powerstage and changed the minimum SD runs

The organizers of Acropolis Rally made some changes at the last minute which are related to the minimum passages from Shakedown and the competitive kilometers of the final two stage of the event.

More specifically, "Grammeni" stage is set to be running twice on Sunday and the second pass from it will host the Powerstage. However, the organizers were forced to shorten this stage by ten kilometers which means that the new distance will be now at nine kilometers and this stage will have a new start point. In addition to that, every P1 crew must complete a minimum of one passage from the Shakedown session while it must be mentioned that FIA's rules say that each crew must run at least three times from the SD stage. All these changes were caused by the heavy rains and storms that are hitting the central Greece area right now while it must be mentioned that there were changes to the recce programme as well due to the fact that the competitors faced the worst conditions at "Pavliani" stage. 

Watch below the organizers' decisions:


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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