Martin becomes the representative competitor at FIA's WRC Commission

Scott Martin says that he is looking forward to helping the sport improving in the future by his being the representative competitor at FIA's WRC Commission.

FIA and WRC Promoter are looking to find ways to improve the World Rally Championship as the sport has lost its prestige the recent years, therefore these two parties decided to put a representative competitor at the Commission. This competitor is Elfyn Evans's co-driver, Scott Martin, who had his first meeting with FIA on Friday morning and his main job is to make the crew's voices heard to the Federation by suggesting their ideas. Previously, Petter Solberg was their voice by involving in FIA, but now the things have changed as these meetings are very similar to what is happening with the drivers in Formula 1 where all of them share their ideas with a person from FIA before the start of a Grand Prix. 

"My name was put forward and I have agreed to it and I’m looking forward to it", Martin said.

"As competitors we have asked for something like this. 

"We feel like we maybe should be involved in some of the discussions, because I’m sure some of us have got some good ideas.

"There is also is a lot of young drivers coming through that have some good ideas, but I think we all felt that we would like to have our voices heard.

"The FIA and WRC Promoter have created this opportunity and it is a honour to take it on, it is the first of its kind in our sport. 

"I will do the best I can.

"We have already had the first meeting this morning and there is topics where they could find out exactly what it is like for a competitor in certain situations.

"FIA and WRC Promoter immediately saw that this could be good to get instant feedback in the room, instead of coming from one meeting and having to to go to the next on before having feedback."


Photo Credits: Toyota

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