Fourmaux did not see Sordo's warnings before his crash in SS2

Adrien Fourmaux says that the challenging weather conditions led him to slid wide in the same location of Stage 2 as Dani Sordo did earlier and admits that he did not see the last one's warnings to be careful.

The Frenchman got a last-minute gift from M-Sport Ford as the team announced that he would replace Pierre-Louis Loubet at Rally Japan which means that he would have to join forces with Ott Tanak to deliver a good result for the blue oval. Fourmaux started the final rally of the season with high expectations after his latest WRC2 victory at Central European Rally and his claiming this year's title at British Championship, but his race ended up ingloriously as he went off in the same location as Dani Sordo and Takamoto Katsuta in Stage 2. Although his name was at the entry list for section 5, eventually M-Sport Ford confirmed that he and Alex Coria will go no further this weekend as their Puma is damaged to the chassis and the mechanics are not able to fix it for Saturday.

"We came from a hairpin right, so a slow corner, then there is an easy left and right after the easy left there is the water line because we had really heavy rain and we just aquaplane under the braking", Fourmaux said.

"It was like ice, I couldn’t expect anything, I had no info etc. 

"I can see now that it’s changing really quickly because 20 minutes ago there were two water lines all over the road and now there is nothing, so it changed really quickly depending on the rain.

"And yeah, Dani tried to slow us down but I didn’t see him in the hairpin. 

"I had some fog on the windscreen and he was on the inside, didn’t see him but right after the corner it wasn’t like I was pushing or whatever, I just wanted to get through because there was fog on the windscreen so OK I want to finish, but when I hit the brakes the car completely slide".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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