Official: Citroen Racing presents a bold new C3 livery for 2024

Citroen Racing revealed the livery of the C3 Rally2 which is not very similar to the car of 2023.

The French team extended Yohan Rossel's contract for one more season while Marco Bulacia will return back to the squad after three seasons. Nikolay Gryazin will have both of them as his teammates and it will be his first time behind the wheel of a Citroen car. The C3 Rally2 retains the red color, but two white lines and a black color differentiate this car compared to the livery of 2023. Finally, Rossel and Gryazin will start their WRC2 campaign from Rallye Monte Carlo with the Citroen car while Bulacia's first event of the season remains unknown.

Watch below more photos from the livery of the Citroen C3 Rally2:

Photo Credits: Citroen

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